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My Canine HERO :)

This is TAO, nicknamed Ta-Ta or Tator Bug.

Thie litle guy has been through so much since getting him 6 weeks ago that he has completely melted my heart and made me believe even more in hope and the canine heart and will to live.

He started out 6 weeks ago as my potential new breeder. He is now my beloved pet only, here for his duration on earth as long as he possibly can be.

He went to an emergency vet on the way home from getting him. Finding pneumonia before even getting to his new home. A week of antibiotics and no response he again returned to his doctor for another round of meds for the following 3 weeks for bacterial brochial pneumonia, possible leukemia and possible gentic defects of the lungs and heart.

Another vet visit, 7 x-rays later, we find that his actual nasal passage is so small that normal breathing is beyond his ability. He gasps for air and breathes very hard most of the time. I've sat up many nights with him just to prop his little head up to help him get the air flow to allow him to sleep. He has been on O2 on and off and keeping hourly charts on his condition, giving meds regulary. He also has a corneal ulcer now from eyelashes.

Tao plays and acts like a normal puppy mostly now with breaks between playing and being made to rest. (Puppies hate to rest). My female, Zilla, has taken him in as her own and is so loving towards him. We have gotten him up to 3.1 pounds now but it's a chore to do so. 

Tao now has another problem..... he cannot have any flea protection put on him as he reacts very badly. Last emerg. vet visit after being told to use drops. He also has had bad reactions to shots. So far he has only had one and his vet insists on waiting further to see if he may outgrow the reactions. Needless to say, we are on pins and needles there as no one knows what may be dragged in to the house. We clean and protect him from as much as we can but still live in fear.

He is spoiled "rotten" and definitly has an attitude. Hates grooming!!!! Bites and growls like a "mad" dog but we manage with slowness and calm moves! Tao has the heart of an angel and the attitude of a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Needless to say, he has won our love and hearts. His " never give up" attitude has kept us full of hope for this tiny guy.

We have almost given up the plans of breeding as with vet costs around 1,000.00 dollars now, we can't afford another male nor can we ignore any further costs with Tao. The future is unknown for breeding the best little dogs we have ever shared our hearts with.

Yes, many would have had Tao put down or left to fend for himself. We can't. He has proven he has fight and we are fighting along side of him for the duration. For these reasons......Tao is our Lil Hero of the canine world :)

If by chance, any breeders out there may have ideas to help us deal with Tao, please don't hesitate to respond. Any information is appreciated by us and Tao.

Thank you for reading :)




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Zeleena  (Zilla)

Zeleena (Zilla) SHIH TZU Purebred from AKC lines

Zeleena - Out of SV's Sassy's Fancy Pantz & Sire Queen's Fritz Almighty Too. Whelped 12/17/2007